Feedback & Experience Management

Knowledge decides! What would you do if you knew…

Many organisations have recognised the opportunities of digitalisation. They want to offer their customers and visitors targeted services whilst at the same time understanding their needs in a faster and more responsive way.

Many touchpoints are already supported or even newly placed with the help of digital media.

However, analysing their use today, networking the various pieces of information and even exchanging knowledge with other organisations in order to really get a holistic picture is often still in its early stages.

The collection of feedback information from a wide variety of sources including external ones, as well as the targeted preparation of the necessary key figures with the rapid and, at best, automated derivation of measures are the goals of the most diverse organizations.

Our feedback & experience management solutions are an important building block to unlock the real know-how and years of experience of your organization. With  our joint projects we can help to shape your future competitive advantages.

The starting position:

Data-driven business models, the automation of marketing campaigns, the support of loyalty models or even the modernization of process management are often on the wish list of many medium-sized businesses. The vision of the future and a tangible solution approach are often far apart.

Today, the generation of data for the most important key figures usually corresponds to a collection of many Excel tables or questionnaires, from which no qualitatively and quantitatively useful conclusions can be drawn.

The implementation:

With the Managed Services from the Feedback & Experience Management area, we support cities and regions in the implementation of platforms for vibrant cities, companies from trade and industry in the realisation of data-driven business models and cooperation’s or even association structures in the exchange of feedback data and key figures between many companies in a sector or a business community.