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Author: Andrew Dunne, Eurorpean Sales Man­ager at Integ­rated Worlds GmbH


“Com­ing togeth­er is a begin­ning, stay­ing togeth­er is pro­gress, and work­ing togeth­er is success”

A very wise Henry Ford once fam­ously quoted that “com­ing togeth­er is a begin­ning, stay­ing togeth­er is pro­gress and work­ing togeth­er is suc­cess”, it worked for him turn­ing him into a very suc­cess­ful busi­ness lead­er. For region­al tour­ism this has nev­er been truer and now is the time to regions to come togeth­er, work togeth­er, pro­mote togeth­er and avail of the tech­no­lo­gic­al tools together.

Tour­ism post CoVid?

CoV­id-19 will ask a lot of ques­tions of the tour­ism industry, mainly how to sur­vive in the after­math of the vir­us. For indi­vidu­al attrac­tions, the most dif­fi­cult ques­tion is how to engage with our vis­it­ors and still give them a full exper­i­ence. Quite often this is through guided tours, which will always be the best exper­i­ence with a per­son­al twist of the guide, but are vis­it­ors going to want to or be allowed to walk around in large groups? Will vis­it­ors be com­fort­able hand­ling ren­ted audio-guides?

Com­ing Togeth­er a Key Factor for Success

Com­ing Togeth­er will be a key factor to suc­cess devel­op­ing a region-wide, fea­ture rich digit­al solu­tion that will be cent­rally mar­keted and remov­ing mul­tiple indi­vidu­al devel­op­ment costs. Very often small to medi­um tour­ism attrac­tions are put off devel­op­ing a digit­al offer­ing due to restrict­ive devel­op­ment costs. The oth­er digit­al “dif­fi­culty” for small to medi­um attrac­tions comes in the form of mar­ket­ing and how to fight through the digit­al “crowd” and get into the hands of the vis­it­or. For the vis­it­or this can often be a com­plic­ated and time-con­sum­ing jour­ney, hav­ing to down­load mul­tiple indi­vidu­al digit­al solu­tions that often dis­ap­point with a fea­ture-light solu­tion and neg­at­ive exper­i­ences, mainly due to budget­ary con­straints of an attraction.

Digit­al offer­ings, enabling vis­it­ors to use their own devices will be one of the key factors for region­al tour­ism author­it­ies and attrac­tions. Digit­al­isa­tion provides the tools, frame­works, and tech­no­lo­gies to cre­ate and/or add value to tour­ism products and exper­i­ences, but the suc­cess of digit­al­isa­tion really depends on the capa­city of the region to share, learn and collaborate.

Doing things Differently

Devel­op­ing a region wide strategy using an anchor attrac­tion to get vis­it­or to the region but then once there, to encour­age the vis­it­or to vis­it some oth­er loc­al less­er known attrac­tions, enables the whole region to bene­fit. One way to do this is to build cam­paigns around loy­alty, reward­ing vis­it­ors with a sponsored meal/drink at a loc­al estab­lish­ment based on the amount of attrac­tions vis­ited in a cer­tain time frame. This will encour­age vis­it­ors to spend more time, maybe even overnight, in a region, not just vis­it the anchor attrac­tion and move on.

Smart Tour­ism

Smart Tour­ism refers to the applic­a­tion of inform­a­tion and com­mu­nic­a­tion tech­no­logy, for devel­op­ing innov­at­ive tools and approaches to improve tour­ism. Tour­ism is a key com­pon­ent of any smart city or region strategy and is one of the major com­pon­ents of eco­nom­ic growth. Smart Tour­ism is about digit­ally integ­rat­ing attrac­tions and regions, enga­ging pos­it­ively with the vis­it­ors whilst enhan­cing their exper­i­ences through technology.

This is where Integ­rated Worlds Smart Tour­ism Plat­form comes into its own. Our Smart Tour­ism plat­form cre­ates a strong tour­ism pro­pos­i­tion through region­al col­lab­or­a­tion between the attrac­tions, giv­ing them an afford­able, inter­act­ive and sus­tain­able digit­al foot­print. Whilst giv­ing the vis­it­ors a fea­ture-rich digit­al solu­tion that they can use on their own devices.

So, Com­ing Togeth­er & Work­ing Togeth­er is how Region­al Tour­ism will cre­ate the ingredi­ents for success……it worked for Henry!

In a series of posts, over the com­ing weeks, I will dis­cuss the oth­er addi­tion­al fea­tures and bene­fits of our Smart Tour­ism platform

  • The Smart Attrac­tion – using digit­al tech­no­lo­gies to adapt to the new real­it­ies such digit­al guides, digit­al feed­back engage­ment and pos­it­ive interactivity
  • Cam­paign & Loy­alty Man­age­ment – how to encour­age vis­it­or to stay longer with­in a region to bene­fit attrac­tions and the great­er tour­ism community
  • Cross Mar­ket­ing and Com­munity – digit­al strategies that can bene­fit everyone
  • Our FXM com­pon­ent – Big data and feed­back exper­i­ence man­age­ment com­pon­ent, how to use the data
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