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Author: Andrew Dunne, Eurorpean Sales Man­ager at Integ­rated Worlds GmbH


The Chan­ging Face of Tour­ism post CoVid?

CoV­id-19 will pose a lot of ques­tions for the tour­ism industry, mainly how to sur­vive in the after­math of the vir­us. Who will be the tour­ist? Where will they go? For many coun­tries the domest­ic Stayc­a­tion will be the new hol­i­day of choice for at least the next few years. Why? Well for a num­ber of reas­ons, short­er plan­ning times are required for stayc­a­tions, people are a lot more famil­i­ar with the CoV­id situ­ation in their coun­try and if waves of lock­downs return, there is a less chance of being trapped in a for­eign coun­try for weeks at a time.

Accord­ing to many Tour­ism Agen­cies through­out Europe, the domest­ic stayc­a­tion mar­ket is going to see the first bounce with remote coastal and rur­al areas des­tin­a­tions most likely to see the first surge in vis­it­or num­bers because these will be seen as “safe regions”. It will take some time before city des­tin­a­tions become pop­u­lar again.

Vis­it Britain’s latest con­sumer sen­ti­ment sur­veys show that the domest­ic mar­ket is very nervous – so they will be focus­ing ini­tially on reas­sur­ance. Bey­ond that they will be look­ing at pro­mot­ing areas out­side the hon­ey­pots. Also, what is needed is des­tin­a­tion man­age­ment to rebuild tour­ism more slowly and keep res­id­ents, vis­it­ors and busi­nesses, who depend on tour­ists, happy.

Is this pos­it­ive news for Region­al Tourism?

Well, yes & no. It will be pos­it­ive only if the regions are pre­pared. Tour­ism is more than just hav­ing attrac­tions, hotels and res­taur­ants, the oth­er cur­rency in tour­ism after the €, is exper­i­ence. Vis­it­ors will only return and more import­antly, share their exper­i­ences and recom­mend to friends, if theirs has been a pos­it­ive one. For regions this is about hav­ing great attrac­tions with a high level of inter­activ­ity. A fea­ture-rich digit­al solu­tion as part of the mix is very import­ant.  In very many cases regions have a basic digit­al pres­ence, which is typ­ic­ally an inform­a­tion list­ing, but todays tour­ists expect a rich­er level of digit­al inter­activ­ity with the visitor.

For indi­vidu­al attrac­tions, the most dif­fi­cult ques­tion is how to engage with vis­it­ors and still give them a full exper­i­ence. Quite often this is through guided tours, which will always be the best exper­i­ence with a per­son­al twist of the guide, but are vis­it­ors going to want to or be allowed to walk around in large groups? Will vis­it­ors be com­fort­able hand­ling ren­ted audio-guides?

Giv­ing Vis­it­ors the full Region­al Experience

One way of keep­ing the vis­it­or in a region and giv­ing them a fuller exper­i­ence, is to build region­al multi-attrac­tion cam­paigns around loy­alty.  Reward­ing vis­it­ors with a sponsored meal/drink at a loc­al estab­lish­ment based on the amount of attrac­tions vis­ited in a cer­tain time frame. This is a very import­ant strategy to spread vis­it­ors around a region, to vis­it smal­ler attrac­tions and to spend more time, maybe even overnight, in a region, not just vis­it the anchor attrac­tion and move on.

Integ­rated Worlds Smart Tour­ism Plat­form part­ners with regions to help cre­ate a strong region­al based tour­ism pro­pos­i­tion and cam­paigns, allow­ing for an afford­able, inter­act­ive and sus­tain­able digit­al foot­print, whilst giv­ing the vis­it­ors a fea­ture-rich digit­al solu­tion that they can use on their own devices.

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