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Business Efficiency

With our solutions, we create flexible and scalable networking platforms for data exchange with your business partners. No matter whether classic EDI connection, WebEDI portal, integration with the systems and third party platforms –
the core processes and interfaces for connecting your internal systems should be centralized. The systems can be operated in your own infrastructure on site or centrally at our clearing centre.


Business Commerce

The goods themselves are only rarely a competitive advantage, customer-centric thinking and services secure the future. But how do you understand what customers really want? And how do you manage to relieve sales staff of schematic work processes in order to invest more
energy in creative concepts and problem solutions? Unleash the real know-how and years of industry experience of your company and transform growing digital sales platforms with Integrated Worlds Business Commerce modules.

Partner Link

With the services of Partner Link solutions, we create interactive and mobile companions for your customers and your sales staff. No matter if for daily use or to accompany special events like trade fairs or your own showroom.
Learn more about the Partner Link Managed Services “(Mobile) Customer Portal”, “(Mobile) Field Staff Portal” and “Event-/Showroom App”.

Citizens Connect

We support and connect cities, town councils and local actor groups. We bring together all parties, perspectives and interests and develop together, on the basis of practice-oriented methodologies and future-proof transformation processes, integrative approaches to solutions and marketing and operation concepts individually oriented towards regions with the aim of a sustainable vitalisation of locations.
The constant developments in the retail trade, urban structures and the behaviour of citizens and consumers continuously shape our portfolio.The premise of placing people’s needs and urban concerns at the centre of our overall strategic approach is what drives us to design solutions and services for the creation of sustainable city proyects.


Feedback & Experience Management

Digital business models, customer experience & process management are frequent topics of interest to our customers. But how do you create the necessary integrations with your systems & those of your partners to build the relevant key figures/data? And how can you use them to implement automated influence on your systems, marketing campaigns or processes in the next step?

With the Managed Services from the Feedback & Experience Management division, we support cities and regions in the implementation of platforms for dynamic cities, companies from trade and industry in the realization of data-driven business models and cooperation or even association structures in the exchange of industry data.
1803, 2020

100% Digital B2B Communication

100% Digital B2B Communication Why EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) & process automation in B2B exchange is so important. How to achieve a 100% rate in digital information exchange and process automation with suppliers and customers? This is a question that concerns many companies today more [...]

1803, 2020

EDI Clearing Center

EDI Clearing Center Constantly growing complexity in EDI exchange? Take care of your core business and we will take care of the B2B information exchange with your business partners! Integrated Worlds EDI Clearing Center supports all common messaging formats,communication protocols and represents anideal and [...]

1803, 2020

EDI / EAI Messaging

EDI / EAI Messaging Constantly growing complexity in EDI exchange? Use a flexible converter solution to master the greater challenges! The Business Efficiency EDI / EAI Messaging System of Integrated Worlds supports all common message formats and communication protocols and is more than just [...]

1803, 2020

Supplier Portal incl. Web EDI

Supplier Portal incl. WebEDI How many of your business partners can you integrate via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) projects? For which of them are the necessary prerequisites not given or a classic EDI connection is not worthwhile from your point of view? Integrated Worlds [...]

1802, 2020

Customer Portal

Customer Portal How do you reach your non-EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capable customers and offer value added services that provide order processing assistance? Integrated Worlds  Business Efficiency Customer Portal is the appropriate online extension of your EDI processes on the demand side. It enables [...]

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