(Mobile) Customer Portal

Inspire your customers, inform them about innovations and collect feedback.

Do you have a large and vibrant community of customers or are you even a cooperation whose core competence lies in moderating a business network?

Then you are probably using a variety of historically grown information media today, such as

  • Newsletter
  • mailing circular
  • information events / training
  • survey forms
  • competitions
  • But do you also have the feeling that all these media are well connected and still reach the target groups today and/or serve the purpose?

This is exactly where Partner Link Managed Services comes in. It combines information and feedback functions in the (mobile) companions for your customers.

This includes for example:

  • content marketing functions / editorial posts
  • push News / Subscription functions
  • scouts / influencer contributions (e.g. for your sales staff or product managers to transport their knowledge to customers)
  • calendar for events, trainings etc.
  • forms for inquiries / surveys or also competitions
  • etc.

We would be happy to develop the right concept and offer for your lively B2B community.

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