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Author: Andrew Dunne, Eurorpean Sales Man­ager at Integ­rated Worlds GmbH


In this post we are going to look at how to ‘SMARTen’ up your attrac­tion. Smart Tour­ism is about digit­ally integ­rat­ing attrac­tions and regions, enga­ging pos­it­ively with the vis­it­ors whilst enhan­cing their exper­i­ences through tech­no­logy. Tour­ism is a key com­pon­ent of any smart region­al strategy and is one of the major com­pon­ents for region­al eco­nom­ic growth.

But CoV­id-19 is ask­ing a lot of ques­tions of the tour­ism industry, mainly how to sur­vive in the after­math of the pan­dem­ic. For indi­vidu­al attrac­tions, the most dif­fi­cult ques­tion is how to engage with our vis­it­ors and still give them a full exper­i­ence. Will vis­it­ors want or be allowed to walk around in large groups? How can we give them a guided experience?

What makes an attrac­tion SMART? 

Mak­ing an attrac­tion Smart will undoubtedly enhance the vis­it­or exper­i­ence and is also very afford­able. You need to offer a multi-fea­ture digit­al solu­tion that enables vis­it­ors to access con­tent either through their own device or oth­er digit­al devices, although since CoV­id-19 it is pre­dicted that most vis­it­ors will be more com­fort­able using their own device and refrain from using rent­al devices.

Some of the more pop­u­lar fea­tures in Smart attrac­tions enable the vis­it­or to self-guide either through an audio or video tour guide and these have become even more import­ant since CoV­id-19. Lan­guage options, clear route-map­ping nav­ig­a­tion, inter­act­ive com­mu­nic­a­tion between vis­it­or and attrac­tion, inter­activ­ity with exist­ing social media chan­nels, import­ant inform­a­tion on the ven­ue and loc­al area, such as mobility/facilities and the gath­er­ing of valu­able vis­it­or data and usage patterns.

Very often small to medi­um tour­ism attrac­tions are put off devel­op­ing a digit­al offer­ing due to restrict­ive devel­op­ment costs, and if they do, they tend to end up with a dis­ap­point­ing fea­ture-light solu­tion with no ‘Smart’ fea­tures, which in turn leads to a neg­at­ive experience.

The oth­er digit­al “dif­fi­culty”, for small to medi­um attrac­tions, comes in the form of mar­ket­ing and how to nav­ig­ate through the digit­al “crowd” and get into the hands of the visitor.

What is the answer?

Well, there is not just one answer, but doing things dif­fer­ently will cer­tainly help. A major key factor to suc­cess is the devel­op­ment of a region­al-wide ‘Smart’ solu­tion with your loc­al tour­ism author­ity, in col­lab­or­a­tion with your oth­er tour­ist attrac­tion col­leagues. Through col­lab­or­a­tion some of the main advant­ages are:

  • Redu­cing costs with by shar­ing the devel­op­ment costs between the region and your loc­al attrac­tion colleagues
  • Stand­ard fea­tures for all attrac­tions, with the flex­ib­il­ity of attrac­tions to add addi­tion­al features
  • A sin­gu­lar cent­ral­ised mar­ket­ing cam­paign, which is what the tour­ism author­it­ies are very good at
  • Encour­age vis­it­ors to spend more time, maybe overnight, in a region by build cam­paigns around loy­alty e.g. reward­ing vis­it­ors with a sponsored meal/drink offer at a loc­al estab­lish­ment based on the amount of attrac­tions vis­ited in a cer­tain time frame.

From the vis­it­or per­spect­ive, a single inter­act­ive digit­al touch­point makes for a highly pos­it­ive exper­i­ence. Far too often it can be a com­plic­ated and time-con­sum­ing jour­ney, hav­ing to down­load mul­tiple indi­vidu­al digit­al solu­tions that often dis­ap­point with a fea­ture-light solution.

Now is the per­fect time to ‘SMARTen’ up, col­lab­or­ate and get digital.

This is where Integ­rated Worlds ‘Smart Tour­ism Plat­form’ comes into its own. Our ‘Smart Tour­ism Plat­form’ cre­ates a strong tour­ism pro­pos­i­tion through region­al col­lab­or­a­tion between the attrac­tions, giv­ing them an afford­able, inter­act­ive and sus­tain­able digit­al foot­print. Whilst giv­ing the vis­it­ors a fea­ture-rich digit­al solu­tion which they can use on their own devices.

Andrew is European Sales Man­ager for Integ­rated Worlds GmbH and for more inform­a­tion con­tact Andrew at