Integrated Smart City Infrastructures for Value Creation in Regional and Local Platform Concepts

Integ­rated Smart City Infra­struc­tures for Mobil­ity Engage­ment for Citizens

Integ­rated Worlds Cit­izen Con­nect Plat­form for Smart Cit­ies and Regions is a com­plete cit­izen engage­ment solu­tion includ­ing sus­tain­able mobil­ity and energy con­cepts in urb­an areas. Designed to inter­act as a com­munity-driv­en smart city plat­form, with an approach to a future-ori­ented urb­an devel­op­ment strategy in digit­al transformation.

Our Cit­izen Con­nect plat­form integ­rates the data col­lec­ted, in real time and places into a cent­ral digit­al touch­point for cit­izens. This gen­er­ates added value for the needs of the city as well as for cit­izens and vis­it­ors whilst enabling both new ser­vice and busi­ness models.

For mobil­ity this includes, for example, inform­a­tion on cur­rent occu­pancy rates and fig­ures relat­ing to traffic and park­ing spaces. Col­lect­ing this data, provides not only medi­um and long-term optim­isa­tion for urb­an park­ing spaces for the city, but also short-term added value for vis­it­ors, for example in the form of intel­li­gent traffic guid­ance through the city, right up to the avail­able park­ing space – smartly integ­rated into mobile com­pon­ents in a plat­form concept.

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