Global Concept, Implementation and Support



Strategic & Conceptual Design

Develop the know-how in your organisation and build your digitisation strategy. Together we will reflect and analyse all of the physical and technical conditions as well as user-oriented requirements. Based on this, we will design an individual holistic concept for the digital integration of your worlds.

We will develop the plans for the  seamless introduction and smooth operation. All business and marketing aspects will be  taken into account.

Integration Services

Why always start over? Our services connect existing systems and thus integrate existing infrastructure.We actively support the establishment of the internal structures and processes required for ongoing operations: development of software specifications and a design and usability concept,
compilation of the toolbox by developing and selecting software solutions, training of staff, training for targeted use in marketing and sales.

Managed Solutions

We consult and support the operating organisations in their daily operations. We also offer and set up the technical and personnel infrastructure for this task if required. In doing so, we rely on basic components that have been tried
and tested many times in operation and can be introduced step by step to build up the overall solution, thus creating a strong and stable basis for your individual systems.

Customer Care

From project to operational support – we are your permanent partner. We support the operators and users of integrated worlds in their daily operations through content quality management, training and education, and much more.
Of course, we help with the integration of new users and organizations; our experienced networking team develops individual networking strategies to further build and expand your integrated systems.

Business Intelligence & FXM

With the operation of your portals, platforms and systems, relevant transaction data is generated. We support you in analysing and evaluating the processes and touchpoints of all participating users and organisations.
Through individual feedback modules you generate further insights for the optimization of your business strategies through active campaign management and feedback experience management (FXM).
2303, 2020

Strategic Design Workshops for Companies

Strategic Design Workshops for Companies Many companies lose the overview of their own digital projects. Due to the growing business environment, with the number and complexity of the different requirements of markets, distribution channels and customers constantly increasing, professionals feel driven into far too [...]

2303, 2020

Strategic Design for Cities and Regions

Strategic Design for Cities and Regions So you have introduced Smart rubbish bins and street lamps, but your citizens don’t see the value? Many Smart City or Smart Region projects are oriented towards the introduction of technologies and systems without taking into account the [...]

2303, 2020

Management consulting for Cooperations, Service Organisations, Associations

Management Consulting for Cooperations, Service Organisations, Associations Many associations, industry organisations and commercial co-operation’s actually have an ideal starting point in the age of digitisation. Some have existing network organiser’s with connections in all directions. They often have been established in traditional business areas [...]

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