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Strategic & Conceptual Design

Devel­op the know-how in your organ­isa­tion and build your digit­isa­tion strategy. Togeth­er we will reflect and ana­lyse all of the phys­ic­al and tech­nic­al con­di­tions as well as user-ori­ented require­ments. Based on this, we will design an indi­vidu­al hol­ist­ic concept for the digit­al integ­ra­tion of your worlds.

We will devel­op the plans for the  seam­less intro­duc­tion and smooth oper­a­tion. All busi­ness and mar­ket­ing aspects will be  taken into account.

Integration Services

Why always start over? Our ser­vices con­nect exist­ing sys­tems and thus integ­rate exist­ing infrastructure.We act­ively sup­port the estab­lish­ment of the intern­al struc­tures and pro­cesses required for ongo­ing oper­a­tions: devel­op­ment of soft­ware spe­cific­a­tions and a design and usab­il­ity concept,
com­pil­a­tion of the tool­box by devel­op­ing and select­ing soft­ware solu­tions, train­ing of staff, train­ing for tar­geted use in mar­ket­ing and sales.

Managed Solutions

We con­sult and sup­port the oper­at­ing organ­isa­tions in their daily oper­a­tions. We also offer and set up the tech­nic­al and per­son­nel infra­struc­ture for this task if required. In doing so, we rely on basic com­pon­ents that have been tried
and tested many times in oper­a­tion and can be intro­duced step by step to build up the over­all solu­tion, thus cre­at­ing a strong and stable basis for your indi­vidu­al systems.

Customer Care

From pro­ject to oper­a­tion­al sup­port — we are your per­man­ent part­ner. We sup­port the oper­at­ors and users of integ­rated worlds in their daily oper­a­tions through con­tent qual­ity man­age­ment, train­ing and edu­ca­tion, and much more.
Of course, we help with the integ­ra­tion of new users and organ­iz­a­tions; our exper­i­enced net­work­ing team devel­ops indi­vidu­al net­work­ing strategies to fur­ther build and expand your integ­rated systems.

Business Intelligence & FXM

With the oper­a­tion of your portals, plat­forms and sys­tems, rel­ev­ant trans­ac­tion data is gen­er­ated. We sup­port you in ana­lys­ing and eval­u­at­ing the pro­cesses and touch­points of all par­ti­cip­at­ing users and organisations.
Through indi­vidu­al feed­back mod­ules you gen­er­ate fur­ther insights for the optim­iz­a­tion of your busi­ness strategies through act­ive cam­paign man­age­ment and feed­back exper­i­ence man­age­ment (FXM).
2303, 2020

Strategic Design Workshops for Companies

Stra­tegic Design Work­shops for Com­pan­ies Many com­pan­ies lose the over­view of their own digit­al pro­jects. Due to the grow­ing busi­ness envir­on­ment, with the num­ber and com­plex­ity of the dif­fer­ent require­ments of mar­kets, dis­tri­bu­tion chan­nels and cus­tom­ers con­stantly increas­ing, pro­fes­sion­als feel driv­en into far too […]

2303, 2020

Strategic Design for Cities and Regions

Stra­tegic Design for Cit­ies and Regions So you have intro­duced Smart rub­bish bins and street lamps, but your cit­izens don’t see the value? Many Smart City or Smart Region pro­jects are ori­ented towards the intro­duc­tion of tech­no­lo­gies and sys­tems without tak­ing into account the […]

2303, 2020

Management consulting for Cooperations, Service Organisations, Associations

Man­age­ment Con­sult­ing for Cooper­a­tions, Ser­vice Organ­isa­tions, Asso­ci­ations Many asso­ci­ations, industry organ­isa­tions and com­mer­cial co-operation’s actu­ally have an ideal start­ing point in the age of digit­isa­tion. Some have exist­ing net­work organiser’s with con­nec­tions in all dir­ec­tions. They often have been estab­lished in tra­di­tion­al busi­ness areas […]

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