Strategic Design for Cities and Regions

So you have introduced Smart rubbish bins and street lamps, but your citizens don’t see the value?

Many Smart City or Smart Region projects are oriented towards the introduction of technologies and systems without taking into account the connection or relevance for the citizen. With Integrated Worlds the transformation phase starts before a conclusive evaluation and conception of the projects.

Consider the slog “all power comes from the visitor”, Integrated Worlds,  in cooperation with VITAIL,– have developed the appropriate concepts for your dynamic city or region.

Due to the many years of experience of our team and partner experts, we have also become aware of the fact that many city projects not only fail due to the lack of evaluation and conception for the project, but especially because of the operating model. In this way, we involve the local groups of stakeholders in the development of a diffusion concept and the assumption of the operational functions and create a real experience with a high identification factor – for the city, trade, gastronomy, local media but most importantly for the VISITOR.