Event/Showroom App

Inspire your customers, inform them about innovations and collect feedback on your new products.

Do you have a large and active group of customers or are you even a cooperation whose core competence lies in the moderation of a business network and which is frequently represented at trade fairs or even organises its own events?

Do you already know which customers are interested in which products before the trade fair? How do you evaluate your customers’ feedback on the new products during their visit to the trade fair and how do you ensure that you provide the interested parties with the right information and retain them afterwards?

If you even hold order fairs – how do you organize the order acceptance?

If you have thought about different systems and media breaks or even paper several times, you are not alone???. Many organisations today are giving away the potential of new digital media to accompany such events.

In addition to the high administrative effort for the (subsequent and possibly incomplete) recording of trade fair feedback or even of orders placed, a lot of potential for directly influencing what happens during the event is lost.

This is exactly where Partner Link Managed Services comes in, combining information and feedback functions in the (mobile) companions for your customers and your sales staff.

This includes:

  • Product presentation before, during and after the trade fair, including the possibility of targeted queries of active feedback and evaluation of general access behavior
  • Order functions for order fairs (incl. offline capability)
  • Content marketing functions / editorial posts
  • Interactive plans of the fair / showroom / exhibition and frequency measurement by using Bluetooth beacons
  • Push News / Subscription functions
  • Scouts / Influencer contributions (e.g. for your sales staff or product managers to transport their knowledge to customers)
  • Calendar for events, trainings etc.
  • Forms for inquiries / surveys or also competitions
  • Digital signage / advertising video functions
  • and much more

We will be happy to develop the right concept and offer for your active B2B client group.