Integrated Smart City Infrastructures for Value Creation in Regional and Local Platform Concepts

Integrated Smart City Infrastructures for Mobility Engagement for Citizens

Integrated Worlds Citizen Connect Platform for Smart Cities and Regions is a complete citizen engagement solution including sustainable mobility and energy concepts in urban areas. Designed to interact as a community-driven smart city platform, with an approach to a future-oriented urban development strategy in digital transformation.

Our Citizen Connect platform integrates the data collected, in real time and places into a central digital touchpoint for citizens. This generates added value for the needs of the city as well as for citizens and visitors whilst enabling both new service and business models.

For mobility this includes, for example, information on current occupancy rates and figures relating to traffic and parking spaces. Collecting this data, provides not only medium and long-term optimisation for urban parking spaces for the city, but also short-term added value for visitors, for example in the form of intelligent traffic guidance through the city, right up to the available parking space – smartly integrated into mobile components in a platform concept.