Multi Supplier Plattform

Multi Supplier Platform

If you are a group or co-operation and you are the central moderator of a B2B network or wholesaler who likes to keep his warehouse lean, then the Business Commerce Multi Supplier Platform might be interesting for you.

Collaborative groups or co-operations are sometimes ideal organizers of B2B procurement networks and the associated central infrastructure. In the same way, leading wholesalers in other industries are increasingly assuming a central function as a central procurement partner.

In both cases, however, the following applies: It can be difficult to profitably build up an all-encompassing range of goods with the classic procurement and logistics concepts of the past decades, and many fail to do so simply by generating saleable product data.

This is exactly where Integrated Worlds business commerce solutions come into play and include:

  • Multi-supplier capable ordering systems
  • Support of B2B marketplace concepts
  • Support of cross docking or drop shipping concepts and derivation of suitable ordering
  • Processes to sub-suppliers
  • Order consolidation/optimisation for centralised purchasing of goods
  • Support of complex rules for the assignment of prices / conditions to customers and article groups
  • Development of configuration solutions for complex products
  • Perfect integration with existing EDI processes from the area of Business Efficiency Services
  • And more

We would be happy to work out the right concept and offer for you to connect your B2B community.