Management Consulting for Cooperations, Service Organisations, Associations

Many associations, industry organisations and commercial co-operation’s actually have an ideal starting point in the age of digitisation.

Some have existing network organiser’s with connections in all directions. They often have been established in traditional business areas for years or even decades as a service provider for members, suppliers or customers.

However, this blessing is often also described as a curse. Often what can overwhelm the connected network partners – to work out a digitisation strategy for their own company -can now to be solved equally for all through central cooperation. The demands on such central cooperation models and thus also the project risks in the field of digitisation are therefore immensely high.

Integrated Worlds has proven track-record to be more than just an experienced implementation partner in such complex fields. An eye for concepts that have an integrating effect and harmonise common requirements of business partners, despite different processes and conditions in the companies, are an important factor for sustainable platform models. But so is the awareness of the necessary influence of co-operation’s and industries.

As technical operators of entire industry platforms,controlled by the relevant organization’s as well  as consultants and implementation partners of industry associations, groups of associations and other co-operation models, we are a driving force for the projects of our customers and partners at the same time.