More importantly: The symbiosis of ERP system, Business Commerce Suite of Integrated Worlds and the integrated Fact Finder search engine module.

LDT sees digitalisation not as a burden, but instead as an opportunity, and this is systematically promoted by Managing Director Wolfgang Klink – above all: The symbiosis of ERP system, Business Commerce Suite of Integrated Worlds and the integrated Fact Finder search engine module.

Having in the meantime endeavoured to establish a standard regional solution, LDT Managing Director Wolfgang Klink is pleased to have returned to the cooperation with Integrated Worlds when it comes to digitization in sales.

“Seeing opportunities in digital transformation in B2B relationships is one of the focus topics at Integrated Worlds and is no longer underrated by many customers. Instead, this is now being driven forward in a determined and fully committed manner,” says Integrated Worlds Managing Director Patrick Sönke, with whom LDT has also worked in the past.

Much depends on the ability of Integrated Worlds to use and integrate standards, where these are available, while from an early stage simultaneously establishing innovative and individual solutions where competitive advantages can be achieved.

Sales channels for LDT are broadening, and for Managing Director Wolfgang Klink this is the simple reason why appropriate positioning is required: “It is no longer just experts who order goods from LDT, and it is also important for new prospective customers to understand where they come from, what they are looking for and how their needs as suppliers can best be met. For us, these are decisive competitive advantages.”

But how can one manage to make the right products for small parts such as ball bearings or seals quick and easy to find, even for occasional customers?

Like many other pure players in consumer internet shops, LDT also uses Omikron’s Fact Finder as the search engine of the Integrated Worlds B2B shop.

This integration creates a decisive competitive advantage – not only is the search more effective, but the effort required to maintain product data is also reduced. This means the sales department can be relieved of even more administrative tasks and can concentrate on its real strengths – applying its expertise in active sales.

Some Integrated Worlds customers are already benefiting from this and are looking forward to the corresponding cooperation with Omikron.
By this means, the steady development of the B2B customer platform at LDT can continue apace. Using Business Efficiency Solutions from Integrated Worlds, major customers can now be linked via EDI. In the medium term, integration of in-house solutions with cooperation partners is also on the joint to-do list.

Integrated Worlds is looking forward to the continued cooperation.
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