How do I identify areas of application for the development of my Smart City Strategy? – From Expectations to Experiences for city visitors and local Citizens

The possibilities and technical components of digitisation enormously expand the scope of action for cities and local authorities. The aim is to use digitisation in the future to control sustainable and integrated urban development to create a local value which is characterised and shaped actively under the premise of the empowerment of the visitor or user??.

In the process of developing the areas of action – the Evaluation phase – it is important to identify the areas of application in order to develop a sustainable strategy.

It is important to work out both, the expectations of the target group of citizens or visitors and the necessary fields of action from the point of view of the local actor groups according to phases of the Visitor Journey: In terms of quality, this works with focus groups, interactive workshop formats – so-called think tanks – and expert interviews. In terms of quantity, it works with surveys, such as polls of passers-by and/or the surrounding area, on site as well as evaluations of already available data sources.

We support the process with the help of practice-oriented and proven methods for the development of your individual, location-specific concept.

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