Organisational structures for management and continuous adaptation

In order to ensure the development and constant implementation of the project and operation phase, it is essential to define and qualify structures together with roles in order to cover the requirements and tasks of organisation and management initially, i.e. for the development, as well as for the sustainable operation of the system.

The basic requirement to establish an operator model is to determine which local organisations are responsible for an implementation of the city concept ,who and how many contributors exist to define and implement the sustainable operation of the system and to derive the model and the type of company.

It therefore needs to be clarified in concrete terms:

  • Who takes over the role of the operator?

In addition to the selection of existing municipal organisation’s such as the city marketing company, this may well be another service provider organisation or even a new company formed to include all the participating partners.

  • In what way can it be guaranteed that the added value for local interests and visitors is always at the top of the agenda?

It is advisable to set up a moderated and advisory body, e.g. an advisory board, to ensure that the interests of all parties involved are constantly protected.

The active involvement of representative user groups (consisting of providers and citizens) out of the user community and representing working groups ensures the control and development of actions from the perspective of increasing the attractiveness of the overall concept.

Via workshops, the concept will be worked out with potential providers and the group of city actors in order to achieve service areas and potential service providers.

We support the process with the use of practice-oriented workshop formats and assistance in consulting, moderation and conception to establish the necessary structures for your overall concept.

We provide support in the development of a business plan, template-supported according to canvas methodology with best practice character, for the elaboration of the individual budget allocation and, derived from this, possible contribution structures for participants in the system.

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