Education and training concepts for providers and users

To ensure a seamless onboarding of providers and users, it is necessary to establish structures for information and training purposes regarding the handling of the system and the functional components used.

  • …for providers within a concept:

Initially, this can be organized in the context of information events and workshop formats for providers or provider groups, for example, tradespeople, gastronomy, associations and others. The aim is to communicate the use of the system regarding content management and the operation of functional components.

It is advisable to offer these workshop formats at regular intervals, but absolutely in the case of new or extended functions – in line with the concept of the following expansion stages.

Based on experience, besides general and basic trainings that support the functional scope of the system, workshops can be offered to impart basic knowledge.

In addition to the transfer of basic knowledge, creative workshops are also initiated. They assist the providers in the formulation, design and management of loyalty campaigns (their own and in cooperation with other players in a group)

  • … for users of a concept:

It is advisable to offer training and education structures through moderated workshops at regular intervals.

This serves to convey the initial scope of the functional components and the intended levels of development within a concept and to ensure correct application by the user community,

The workshops can be focused on individual user groups/target groups or can be offered to a broad user group, depending on the content. On one side, the workshops are designed to communicate. Furthermore they are designed to receive feedback from users, which can provide valuable input in the course of further development of the system in terms of content and functionality.

We support the process using practice-oriented workshop models and assistance in consulting, moderation and training to establish your overall concept.

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