EDI Clearing Center

Constantly growing complexity in EDI exchange? Take care of your core business and we will take care of the B2B information exchange with your business partners!

Integrated Worlds EDI Clearing Center supports all common messaging formats,communication protocols and represents anideal and easy-to-use EDI outsourcing solution.

Despite the use of GS1 and the solution providers, the number of standards and their subsets or versions, quasi-standards such as common ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) formats and individual industry definitions continues to grow.

However great the desire for an all-encompassing standard may be, the practical implementation looks different. In practice, companies today have to develop a flexible concept for the integration of their own business partners.

More and more industries, together with more different business partners or even the assumption of different roles in the value chain must be considered.

The EDI system in your networking strategy is a central component of this. It can be used to standardize the connection of your ERP or MMS (Merchandise Management System) to the systems of your business partners, but also to your online portals, which you need e.g. to offer smaller customers, suppliers or other value-added services.

The EDI Clearing Center of Integrated Worlds is booked as a central outsourcing service in order to securely operate the daily message exchange with your business partners.

Today it networks many document types / business processes such as

  • Orders (ORDERS)
  • Order confirmations (ORDRSP)
  • Shipping notifications with and without shipping unit number (DESADV / NVE)
  • Invoices and credit notes (INVOIC)
  • Receipt of goods (RECADV)
  • Payment advice notes (REMADV)
  • Forwarding orders (IFTMIN)
  • and much more

It supports the procedures and processes for different business models such as

classic goods purchasing and warehousing at the customer

  • Cross Docking Delivery concepts
  • Drop shipping
  • Management of consignment stocks / Vendor Managed Inventory

It connects business partners with the most diverse message formats such as

  • EDIFACT / EANCOM standards
  • Opentrans
  • Tradacom
  • SAP iDoc
  • Numerous proprietary and standardized XML formats
  • etcetera

It exchanges data via a wide variety of communication types, such as

  • FTP / S
  • AS2
  • 400 Telebox
  • HTTP
  • SMTP (mail)
  • Various proprietary communication mechanisms and WebServices
  • etcetera

We connect your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or MMS (Merchandise Management System) system with the appropriate interfaces. The EDI Clearing Center uses an attractive billing model that determines monthly fees depending on your active EDI connections. The amount of your monthly fees depends on your actual B2B network. Fees per connection start at 9.90 € per month.

Our Integration Services take care of the initial setup of your interfaces and the networking with your business partners.

Additional modules for digital signature, verification of messages or the archiving of EDI original documents can also be easily added if required.

We would be pleased to work out an appropriate concept for you.