From the Obligation to Provide Complete Information to the Excellence of Value-Added Services for Connected Citizens

The requirement for an attractive and holistic image of a city via a local authority portal is the simple provision of general information about the city, the available infrastructure and the services offered by the local trade and industry, including the cross-channel approach, i.e. the provision of information via all channels, both digital and analogue.

The supply of this information, in a convenient, personalised form for users, is mandatory.

The excellence is the establishment and distribution of value-added services via the different citizens addressed. These services aim to establish and promote internal and external communication and interaction between groups of participants.

  • This works especially well by integrating motivating elements such as
  • local markets for mapping and communicating supply and demand on topics such as neighbourhood help, car-sharing centres, job exchanges, eMobility…
  • experience-oriented functions such as events, guided (digital-supported) tours with a touristic focus, but also as part of campaigns and activities in the city and retail environment

This works especially well by integrating motivating elements such as

  • the involvement of local provider groups such as employers, associations, retailers, humanitarian organisations and others with a reward and sponsorship concept to offer exclusive added value and benefits to participants
  • digitally supported loyalty concepts for the allocation of individual advantages with redeemable bonus concepts and/or loyalty points, also in combination with extended sponsoring programs to support local club structures or generally for non-profit goals.
  • interaction with users in general, e.g. by providing location-based information to other visitors or consumers with the idea of added value
  • solving access barriers for citizens and visitors to the city by networking local infrastructures such as parking and public transport

Basically, these are services and functions that inspire and enhance the user experience. They also promote the exchange – moderated or self-organised – among participants and different citizen groups to establish or support a direct connection to the location.

We support you with services in the development of your concept, which provide you with practice-oriented and success-proven basic functions for the implementation of the technical infrastructure, as well as services for support and optimization in the transformation phase of your individual concept.

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