Customer Portal

How do you reach your non-EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) capable customers and offer value added services that provide order processing assistance?

Integrated Worlds  Business Efficiency Customer Portal is the appropriate online extension of your EDI processes on the demand side.

It enables the EDI connection of non-EDI-capable customers via an online application and the support of customers in the processes of order processing.

Are your customers often unsatisfied because the status of an order is not clear and has to be called and inquired about? Personal contact is important – but not for queries about order processing procedures where customers depend on the availability of your office staff and business hours.

The Customer Portal is the central point for process tracking and also offers the opportunity for additional transparency to the processes of production and delivery to partners already connected via EDI.

The Customer Portal organises a central transaction tracking and, if desired, with logical consolidation to an order transaction, e.g:

  • Orders
  • Order confirmations
  • Shipping notifications with and without shipping unit number
  • Invoices and credit notes
  • And more

It can also support the processing of complex procedures such as

  • Status tracking for production and delivery
  • Generation of returns and complaints incl. consideration of admissibility on the basis of prior exchange of orders and shipping notifications
  • And more

Additional modules for digital signatures or verification of messages or archiving of EDI original documents can also be easily added if required.

It also ideally complements the modules of the Business Commerce solutions, which can provide appropriate new sales impulses in your B2B customer portal.

We would be happy to develop the right concept and offer for you to connect your suppliers.