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Citizen Empowerment.
Digitisation influences cities and determines communication between target groups. As a result, the demands, perception and behaviour of city visitors change dramatically. Learn here how a sustainable urban project can be developed [...more]


Smart Tourism

Smart Tourism.
Tourism is a key component of any Smart city or region strategy and is one of the major components of economic growth. Smart Tourism is about digitally integrating attractions and regions, engaging positively with the visitors whilst enhancing their experiences through the use of technology. Learn here how a regionalised tourism strategy can be developed and innovation used to improve tourism [...more]

Citizen Empowerment

Many cities and municipalities are facing the same problems: decreasing frequency of visitors, increasing vacancy rates and decreasing identification between citizens and visitors.

City managers have and want to adapt to the changing behaviour of citizens and visitors in order to avoid the decrease in the number of visitors/tourists and the increasing depopulation of cities.

Instead of sustainable business models for the continuous development of an attractive city concept and the value-added services and infrastructure required for it, isolated technological solutions are being developed again and again.

In short: the evaluation and definition of the required value-added concept often does not take place, but goes directly into the transformation phase with individual projects. In addition, the evaluation, implementation and monitoring of the operational phase is practically ignored.

Good news for cities – which have already started their digital change – and for decision makers who are still waiting: Integrated Worlds has developed specific formulas and guidelines for successful and sustainable implementation based on its experiences with other locations where such projects are successful. This benefits committed urban planners and service providers, such as mayors / public or private institutions, urban planning, city marketing, business development and many more.

Our Partners


Our Case Studies all over Europe

Dublin City Heritage Parks (Dublin, Irland)

Innovative and interactive concepts for guided visits

In order to share the exciting stories of Dublin City Heritage Parks, the Dublin City Heritage Parks project was set up to improve the use and cultural exploitation of the parks. Enhance the visitor experience by providing an entertaining, interactive and innovative way of living and visiting parks, history and horticulture

The project is also developing a group of active users in these parks who report updates on events, news and ongoing activities.

This digital solution has been made available through a mobile application, which is a perfect complement for citizens and tourists.

Holzgerlingen City

Integrated Worlds developed a mobile platform for citizens and visitors. It is a digital guide that provides information and communication of local history.

Holzgerlingen is a German town in the district of Böblingen in Baden-Württemberg (Germany) with 13,103 inhabitants.

The aim of this concept was to offer citizens and visitors an easy and mobile way to access information, news and offers of the city regarding local leisure activities in the fields of culture and youth, educational opportunities, local social institutions and associations. Together with groups of stakeholders from trade, tourism and the city, easy access to the historical development of the city was designed and implemented, for example in the form of a digitally supported mobile city tour and a multilingual audio guide, as well as access to the local library.

The local museum was expanded to include a digital experience using beacons (Bluetooth) and offers visitors on site the opportunity to experience and learn about history via mobile use.

Smart City Kirchheim unter Teck

The integrated online platform of Kirchheim unter Teck.

Kirchheim unter Teck is a town in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in the district of Esslingen with a population of 40,736 (kirchheim-teck.de). It is located on the banks of the small river Lauter, a tributary of the Neckar, as well as in the vicinity of Teck Castle, about 25 km southeast of Stuttgart.

Unlike the initiatives known to date, this project does not only explicitly refer to a sales or trading platform for the retail trade. Rather, the entire region (associations, institutions, traders, etc.) must be focused on – the commercial aspects are only part of the concept. An ” individually customisable daily companion ” was created for the citizens and visitors of the region. It focuses on actuality and information that meets the needs of the visitors.

“If you are not online, you don’t exist.” This is an important basic statement that everyone – especially local retailers – should have in mind today. Everything that makes Kirchheim unter Teck and the region unique and how you live or what you can experience there should be displayed online and thus be traceable. Only in this way attractiveness of the city and its region can be ensured in a sustainable way in the digital age.

In the concept of the “Teck Key”, great importance is attached to loyalty and business incentives. During registration, the user receives a number of advantages.One example is parking through an application. The doors open automatically, but the parking fee is collected via the “Teckschlüssel App”.

At the same time, visitors to the city can use the app to make purchases at the points of sale and thus obtain a (partial) refund of their parking ticket. Using the verification key, retailers offer customer loyalty points depending on the value of the purchase.

The same model can be applied to a number of institutions such as associations, restaurants, clubs, local shops, etc.

Beuren Open-Air Museum (Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

The museum in the palm of my hand.

“Make what you see tangible” – that was the principle behind the concept of the digital museum guide in the open-air museum. The unique museum, located in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, offers its visitors the possibility to experience the stories of the ancient inhabitants in a multimedia way with the mobile museum guide.

The resulting mobile application, with integrated audio guidance and location-based navigation (GPS), allows visitors to explore the museum interactively in an exciting way.

An interactive range of events, educational opportunities and local cuisine complete the on-site experience.

Coria del Rio

An excellent example of a digital city with a tourist focus.

In the course of the digitisation strategy of the city of Coria del Rio, with 30,000 inhabitants, in the province of Seville, a concept based on digital technology was conceived and developed for the supply of the region’s citizens and visitors, together with city representatives and local agents from the areas of business and tourism.

The strategy focused on the provision of local information through a mobile application with special attention to cultural and leisure activities as well as tourism issues in the region, which is strongly influenced by the tourism sector.

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