Business Commerce

Bind ALL customers and win new markets – How to use the digital change for B2B customer relations in a clever way.

Supporting the procurement of goods is rarely a competitive advantage anymore – customer-centered thinking and the fast implementation of problem-solving solutions are the success models for future-oriented sales today.

But how do you understand what customers really want? And how do you manage to relieve sales personnel of repeated work processes in order to invest more energy in creative concepts and problem solutions?

Unleash the real know-how and years of industry experience of your company to find creative future concepts and integrate them into sustainably growing solution platforms.

The starting position:

Your competitors have multiplied the range of goods on offer and, in addition to clever services, are offering more and more products from a single source. They also invent new solutions for customers, where shopping baskets are produced and delivered perfectly tailored to their needs.

How do they do that?

The implementation:

With Integrated Worlds Managed Services from the Business Commerce Solutions of, we create flexible and scalable networking platforms for digital distribution channels.

Our customers benefit from the greatest possible elimination of redundancies when implementing external integrations. At this point many organisations lose energy in implementing their own digital strategy. Instead of a sustainably growing platform, they invest in many isolated applications and a lot of redundancy when setting up these systems.

In addition to the classic B2B shop functionalities, it is also important to add the Business Efficiency Modules in order to respond to the wishes of your business partners for closer integration with their local ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MMS (Merchandise Management System), eCommerce or field service systems.

In addition, the Customer Portal organizes for all customers the processes that repeatedly lead to manual work and enquiries in order processing and reduces these considerably.

Processes of mobile customers or the field service can also be perfectly integrated via suitable solutions for smartphones and tablets of these target groups.

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“With Integrated Worlds we have managed to integrate our members, suppliers and our own employees on one platform. This gives us a central platform with which we can flexibly shape our B2B business  and that of our members,today and in the future.

Georg Wallus, Managing Director TECHNO-EINKAUF GmbH

“With the solutions and services of Integrated Worlds we manage to offer our customers optimal service at any time in the B2B portal with access to our promotions, products, inventory and prices”.

Wolfgang Klink, Managing Director, Lager- und Dichtungstechnik GmbH (LDT)