100% Digital B2B Communication

Why EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) & process automation in B2B exchange is so important.

How to achieve a 100% rate in digital information exchange and process automation with suppliers and customers?

This is a question that concerns many companies today more than ever.

In many places, the administrative processes involved in order processing are still burdened with an immense amount of manual work – from the exchange of basic product and price information, to the later processes of invoicing or even complaints processing.

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange – has become a complex field of activity nowadays.

At the same time, it is more important than ever to reduce the costs of non-value-added processes, in order to enable investments to generate competitive advantages.

Likewise, constantly growing business concepts with an impact on the supply chain require new ways of supporting the exchange of information – Some examples are consignment warehouses and drop shipping.

The starting position:

Although the EDI rate for order documents has risen sharply, many companies are still complaining that the volume of trade in goods without documents is still too low.

In addition to EDI converters or EDI clearing centers, more and more online portal solutions are being used to provide WebEDI functions for customers or suppliers.

In addition, various B2B marketplace concepts or portals of important business partner groups (e.g. Platforms of network groups) are created.

Digital networking is growing, but the options are becoming more and more diverse.

This situation affects many companies, as energy and resources have to be invested several times for one and the same goal – the digitalization and automation of business data exchange.

The implementation:

with the Managed Services from the Business Efficiency Solutions area of Integrated Worlds, we create flexible and scalable networking platforms.

Our customers profit from the greatest possible avoidance of redundancy when implementing external integrations.

Whether classic EDI connection, WebEDI portal, integration with third-party systems and platforms – the core processes and interfaces for connecting your internal systems should be centralised.

The modules can be operated in your own local infrastructure, or you can use the Managed Services in our central infrastructure.

The complete outsourcing of EDI operations is particularly popular with our customers. Our experts take care of the monitoring of EDI data traffic with your business partners and your employees can concentrate on their core business.

In addition to being used by leading companies in industry, wholesale and retail, the entire range of Business Efficiency Services is also often used in cooperative models (e.g. association groups, service organizations for entire industries) to interconnect an entire business community.

As a GS1 Solution Partner, we are also active in the development and distribution of common standards and are always up to date.

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 “Thanks to Integrated Worlds, we have greatly digitalised the daily exchange of information in the complex network between our customers and sales companies and are thus better utilising the potential of process automation.

Jörn Timm, Functional Application Manager EDI, Data Management, Vion IM&T GmbH

“The IWOfurn system world is a reliable partner for networking the worlds of all industry participants. It marks a trend-setting era of efficiency and profitability”.

The IWOfurn Advisory Board