More import­antly: The sym­bi­os­is of ERP sys­tem, Busi­ness Com­merce Suite of Integ­rated Worlds and the integ­rated Fact Find­er search engine module.

LDT sees digit­al­isa­tion not as a bur­den, but instead as an oppor­tun­ity, and this is sys­tem­at­ic­ally pro­moted by Man­aging Dir­ect­or Wolfgang Klink – above all: The sym­bi­os­is of ERP sys­tem, Busi­ness Com­merce Suite of Integ­rated Worlds and the integ­rated Fact Find­er search engine module.

Hav­ing in the mean­time endeav­oured to estab­lish a stand­ard region­al solu­tion, LDT Man­aging Dir­ect­or Wolfgang Klink is pleased to have returned to the cooper­a­tion with Integ­rated Worlds when it comes to digit­iz­a­tion in sales.

“See­ing oppor­tun­it­ies in digit­al trans­form­a­tion in B2B rela­tion­ships is one of the focus top­ics at Integ­rated Worlds and is no longer under­rated by many cus­tom­ers. Instead, this is now being driv­en for­ward in a determ­ined and fully com­mit­ted man­ner,” says Integ­rated Worlds Man­aging Dir­ect­or Patrick Sönke, with whom LDT has also worked in the past.

Much depends on the abil­ity of Integ­rated Worlds to use and integ­rate stand­ards, where these are avail­able, while from an early stage sim­ul­tan­eously estab­lish­ing innov­at­ive and indi­vidu­al solu­tions where com­pet­it­ive advant­ages can be achieved.

Sales chan­nels for LDT are broad­en­ing, and for Man­aging Dir­ect­or Wolfgang Klink this is the simple reas­on why appro­pri­ate pos­i­tion­ing is required: “It is no longer just experts who order goods from LDT, and it is also import­ant for new pro­spect­ive cus­tom­ers to under­stand where they come from, what they are look­ing for and how their needs as sup­pli­ers can best be met. For us, these are decis­ive com­pet­it­ive advantages.”

But how can one man­age to make the right products for small parts such as ball bear­ings or seals quick and easy to find, even for occa­sion­al customers?

Like many oth­er pure play­ers in con­sumer inter­net shops, LDT also uses Omikron’s Fact Find­er as the search engine of the Integ­rated Worlds B2B shop.

This integ­ra­tion cre­ates a decis­ive com­pet­it­ive advant­age – not only is the search more effect­ive, but the effort required to main­tain product data is also reduced. This means the sales depart­ment can be relieved of even more admin­is­trat­ive tasks and can con­cen­trate on its real strengths – apply­ing its expert­ise in act­ive sales.

Some Integ­rated Worlds cus­tom­ers are already bene­fit­ing from this and are look­ing for­ward to the cor­res­pond­ing cooper­a­tion with Omikron.
By this means, the steady devel­op­ment of the B2B cus­tom­er plat­form at LDT can con­tin­ue apace. Using Busi­ness Effi­ciency Solu­tions from Integ­rated Worlds, major cus­tom­ers can now be linked via EDI. In the medi­um term, integ­ra­tion of in-house solu­tions with cooper­a­tion part­ners is also on the joint to-do list.

Integ­rated Worlds is look­ing for­ward to the con­tin­ued cooperation.
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