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Integrated Worlds – a Digital Company with History.


Found­a­tion of Integ­rated Worlds


Net­work­ing of com­pan­ies via web­shop portals


Integ­ra­tion of intern­al and extern­al com­pany pro­cesses via mobile applications


Found­a­tion of the Integ­rated Worlds of Fur­niture (IWO­furn)


Estab­lish­ment of the sales office in Dub­lin (Ire­land)


Estab­lish­ment of the sales office in Sevilla (Spain)

“Wherever companies or cities connect and enrich each other, we support them in building and expanding into sustainable communities.


People behind Integrated Worlds

Klaus Bröhl

Founder and CEO
Integrated Worlds and IWOfurn

The gradu­ate math­em­atician, entre­pren­eur and hand­ball play­er from the Ruhr area is a vis­ion­ary and founder of Integ­rated Worlds. Fol­low­ing the suc­cess­ful estab­lish­ment of IWO­furn, he is now focus­ing on the devel­op­ment of the new busi­ness areas Feed­back Man­age­ment and Cus­tom­er Exper­i­ence Man­age­ment as well as the net­work­ing of cit­ies with their traders, cit­izens and visitors. 

Dietmar Weber


The qual­i­fied teach­er and soft­ware developer man­ages IWO­furn in its cur­rent role as the fun­da­ment­al plat­form for the fur­niture industry in Europe. As an exper­i­enced coach of a foot­ball team, team play­ing and goal-ori­ent­a­tion are a mat­ter of course for him. 

Patrick Sönke

Integrated Worlds

The cre­at­ive ambi­dex­trous and morn­ing ath­lete burns for clar­ity and per­fec­tion. He struc­tures com­plex require­ments with the highest tech­no­lo­gic­al com­pet­ence and pas­sion­ately devel­ops suit­able solu­tions for cus­tom­ers of all sizes and industries. 

Your Contact Persons

Beka Kobaidze

Organ­iz­a­tion & Pro­cess Manager


Sebasti­an Triltsch

Busi­ness Devel­op­ment Com­munity Link


Andrew Dunne

Sales Man­ager / Ire­land & South-West Europe


Thomas Müller

Head of Devel­op­ment & Operations


Dirk Händel

Seni­or EDI Specialist


Jochen Störzer

Lead Developer


Miguel Angel Mar­tin Rodriguez

Busi­ness Developer / Office Spain


Gord­ana Majnaric

Digit­al Mar­ket­ing Man­ager / Office Spain


Do you Want to be Part of our Team?

We Develope Solutions
to Change the Business

We are proud to be a stra­tegic part­ner for well-known mar­ket lead­ers for over 20 years. We suc­cess­fully lead over 1,000 com­pan­ies into the digit­al future.

We are a team with over 35 cre­at­ors in sev­er­al loc­a­tions in Europe. We main­tain a dir­ect and open rela­tion­ship and put our cus­tom­ers first.

We devel­op an indi­vidu­al train­ing plan with you. An exper­i­enced ment­or will help you become a suc­cess­ful mem­ber of our team.

Permanent employment

with a grant for cap­it­al-based bene­fit or occu­pa­tion­al pension.

Promoted training

with annu­al reviews, tar­get agree­ments and train­ing plans.

Strong corporate culture

Enga­gierte Mit­arbeit­er, die sich mit Offen­heit und Respekt begegnen.

Systematic training

An exper­i­enced pro­fes­sion­al will guide you for a suc­cess­ful start.

Optimal workplace

Com­fort­able office with a lot of space for you to work and a kitchen.

Many extras

Well sup­plied with drinks, fruit and much more.

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